Sorrel Soup

This soup has a fresh zing and freezes well too.

Start with a large onion or five to ten leeks, depending on size. Chop and sizzle them in olive oil in a large soup pot. If you are using leeks, feel free to add some of the green part as long as it is tender. The soup gets pureed so some of the green is good.

Add your aromatic herbs next. I use thyme, lovage and bay leaves. You will want to remove these before serving. I just throw them in and try to remove stems and everything before it goes into the food processor but you can also put them in a cheesecloth bag. I also usually add a shake or too of turmeric just because it is good for you. Plus add salt and pepper to taste, some now, and some at finishing.

When the onions or leeks are translucent add four chopped medium potatoes. Leave all the skin with their goodness on. As the potatoes start to brown add broth. You can use either vegetable or chicken broth. First add just a little and scrape up the yummy stuff on the bottom of the  pan. Ultimately, add four to five cups to the mix.

When potatoes are tender, add a bunch of sorrel (about a half a pound) with stems removed. Put them in for half a second. Or let the soup cool slightly, then put in a food processor to puree. Add the fresh sorrel then for a really fresh taste.

Serve with a dollop of yogurt and some dots of hot sauce!