Keep it Simple (with Ramps)

This “recipe” couldn’t be any simpler. Make a basic salad of lettuce greens and add toppings of chopped ramps, chickpeas, fresh mushrooms. Serve with tahini dressing and a lime wedge and radish “blossoms.”IMG_0837  Other things to add could be red peppers or olives. Enjoy!

Tahini Dressing
–6 T yogurt
–2 or 3 T tahini
–juice from half a lemon
–parsley (experiment with other herbs like mint or tarragon)
–add a little minced garlic or ground dried garlic if you like.

NOTE: With ramps in the salad you might want to omit the the garlic in the dressing. But when you don’t have ramps in the mix, this is a yummy dressing … especially with chickpeas in the salad.