Broiled Kale

We eat broiled kale as a side for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Unlike kale chips, broiled kale, takes just a few minutes and doesn’t use many extra toppings but it is delicious. (Some kale chips are sprinkled with cashews or seasonings.) It is a crispy-ish treat that we enjoy better than bacon (really!) with our eggs!

To make it you simply arrange the kale leaves on a pan and spray or drizzle olive oil on them and sprinkle with salt and pepper. If the kale is young or small, I leave the ribs intact and eat that too. For older leaves, I remove the rib, roll the leaves like a cigar and slice before putting on the pan. Broil the kale on high for about as much time as it takes to fry an egg! Watch it closely and broil it for a minute or two until some leaves are crispy, then use tongs to flip and broil for about a minute more so more edges get crispy. Enjoy!


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