How Hot is Hot?

IMG_1237Although our peppers are not ready yet, I’m getting ready for peppers! My favorite pepper to eat is a red bell pepper and I love to include it in everything from eggs to eggplant dishes, but my very favorite way to eat them is simply roasted. As the season progresses and peppers become abundant I always roast extra and freeze them. They are a sweet treat to add to a dinner during the grey days of winter. To roast a pepper simply quarter or slice the pepper after removing the seeds. Then lay the slices on a pan and drizzle with oil and add a little salt. I tend to roast mine at 350 degrees. until they are a little toasted on the edges. Some people like to roast at higher temperatures or even finish by broiling for more charring.

Here’s an interesting chart to help determine how hot your peppers are:

At Lucky Dog, we’ll have red, green and purple bell peppers, as well as poblano, cayenne and jalapeno. Can’t wait!