Zesty Herb Dressing

1 T vegetable oil
2 T raw apple cider vinegar
1/3 orange, cranberry or grapefruit juice
½ t oregano*
½ basil*
¼ t black pepper
¼ t salt

* These amounts are for dried herbs. For fresh herbs use three times the amount. Try different combinations of fresh herbs. Mint is a good addition especially with orange juice. Tarragon will make a licorice-like delight.

This is a nice dressing on salads that incorporate oranges or fruit into the mix. I like to use clementine slices with cashews or pepitas as toppers and if you have fresh asparagus add that too. If you quickly blanch or lightly roast the asparagus it will be delightful.

If you are making the dressing in fall, cranberry is a nice juice to use and your featured fruit and nuts can be apples and walnuts.