Za’atar on Flatbread

One of our market customers shared his family’s tradition of serving Za’atar on flatbread. He said they would drizzle the flatbread with oil, top it with Za’atar and they would always add extra extra sesame seeds. He was happy to find a Za’atar blend in this area.

Not all Za’atar blends use sumac. I have a blend from Israel that uses no sumac. But with sumac so plentiful in this area, it is a natural. I sat next to a man on a plane and had a conversation about his version of Za’atar. He was from Iran and also had family in Pakistan. He said that their Za’atar always has sumac in the mix. The sumac adds a tart lemony flavor as well as a beautiful bright pink color. I love that this pervasive plant (weed!) has a practical and super tasty use.