Sorrel and Scape Pesto


Here’s a fun pesto that is a seasonal favorite for summer solstice. It’s garlicky delicious without peeling any garlic! It uses the flower stem of the garlic called the scape (which we remove so that energy goes into growing a bigger, better bulb). The addition of sorrel brightens the taste with its lemony tang.

–10 garlic scapes, trim off the top and any tough bottom part
–1 bunch of sorrel (about 20 medium to large leaves)
–2/3 cup of cashews boiled or soaked overnight
–2T of nutritional yeast
–1/2 cup olive oil (add slowly until you get the desired consistency)
–Salt to taste
Process into a paste then enjoy on pasta, flatbread or crackers. We added a topping of fresh tomatoes and kalamata olives for the dish pictured above.

If you prefer a non-vegan pesto ( I guarantee this feels and tastes quite rich without cheese) you can eliminate the nutritional yeast and substitute the 2/3 cup of cashews with 1/3 cup of cashews plus 1/3 cup of Parmesan or ricotta cheese and reduce the oil to about half as much.