Plums in Abundance

We were blessed with a tree laden with plums this year. This is a first year that this tree has born fruit and it provided with wild abandon. I worry, when I prune, that I will prune too much and the tree will respond with a reticence to produce, but I’m learning this actually isn’t true. We put away much of the beautiful fruit by halving them, removing the pits and then freezing them on trays. Once frozen, we bagged them and put them back in the freezer. That makes it easy to measure them for recipes in the future. Two dishes we enjoyed making with the fresh plums follow here. They can also be made with frozen plums later.

Plum and Ginger Chutney
I found the recipe for this in the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook Foolproof Preserving

It uses candied ginger but it wasn’t available at our local grocery store. However, at the store, the proprietor and I got on our phones and we realized I could make it myself with their fresh ginger and sugar. Here’s the recipe I used: How to Crystalize Ginger.

Plum Crumble with a Nice Twist
This recipe is based on a recipe from Adele Mowere from Phoenixville, PA that is featured in the More-with-Less Cookbook by Doris Janzen Longacre. She uses butter and wheat flour and I use somewhat less of these.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

In a buttered (or oiled with sunflower oil) 8×8 inch pan, place 2 1/2 cups of fruit. If the fruit is large like apples or peaches or plums, cut them into blueberry-size pieces.

Combine in a bowl and mix to form crumbs:
— 1 c flour (rice flour can be substituted for wheat flour)
— 1 egg
— 1/2 t cinnamon
— 1/2 c sugar
— 1 t baking powder
— a dash of salt
Sprinkle over fruit and drizzle 1/4 cup of melted butter or butter equivalent over all.

Bake for 25 minutes. Serves 6.

The IMG_1925 is to serve this crumble with yogurt flavored with vanilla and maple syrup and topped with minced crystallized ginger. See above for the wonderful recipe for crystallized ginger.