Galettes … Our First!

Ed made some sour dough starter and it all began there. It seems I can eat this stuff! This galette uses Einkorn flour and we did a savory version with fresh asparagus and a sweet version with our frozen plums. Both were delicious!

Now It’s Raining Grapes!

After a summer of almost daily thunderstorms we are now being rewarded with an abundance of fruit. The wait between the pruning of our fruit trees and grape vines and the time they actually bear fruit is a little nerve wracking for me as I’m fairly new at it.  I read books, watch videos and…

Beautiful Berries!

We lucked into a beautiful source of black berries this season. We were participating in a Farm-to-Preschool program and the customers liked fruit most of all. So, although we don’t grow blackberries in quantity, we found some to buy at another family farm. We also picked blueberries and strawberries for our customers in the program.