Galettes … Our First!

Ed made some sour dough starter and it all began there. It seems I can eat this stuff! This galette uses Einkorn flour and we did a savory version with fresh asparagus and a sweet version with our frozen plums. Both were delicious!

Ohhh, the season of strawberries!

  Gotta love strawberries! We’ve been eating them with yogurt and cereal and tonight we had a salad with strawberry dressing. We will definitely have it again! This is the dressing  we made, but because the strawberries were so fresh and sweet we skipped the sweetener. We had fresh greens, with toasted walnuts and local…

Congrats to Veraisons!

Veraisons Restaurant of Glenora Winery is one of the restaurants that we have enjoyed supplying for many years and they are being recognized for their excellence by Food & Wine as one of  The Best Winery Restaurants In America! Congratulations to Chef Orlando! Here’s their dinner menu (note Lucky Dog Greens!) Veraisons Menu They are noted for…

Dining in the Glen (with Lucky Dog!)

Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel’s Blue Pointe Grill features some Lucky Dog greenery! Please check it out! Blue Pointe Grill Menus They have a Vegan Menu as well, and of course, a wine menu! The hotel rooms are lovely too! And they overlook the dramatic Seneca Lake.

Springing 2017

Our babies were happily growing in the greenhouse … until now! The storm hit and things have slowed down a bit. They’ll all be OK, but they’ve stopped their enthusiastic growing while the temperatures dip and the sun is hidden by the snow on the roof. Next week brings warmer temps (and then another dip)….

Taste Bud Treats

Two of my favorite tastes of summer are fresh fennel buds and nasturtiums. You often see dried fennel on the spice rack but I love to offer my market customers the treat of fresh fennel flowers. You can eat them just as they are for a burst of licorice-like flavor. Or you can sprinkle them…