Congrats to Veraisons!

Veraisons Restaurant of Glenora Winery is one of the restaurants that we have enjoyed supplying for many years and they are being recognized for their excellence by Food & Wine as one of  The Best Winery Restaurants In America! Congratulations to Chef Orlando! Here’s their dinner menu (note Lucky Dog Greens!) Veraisons Menu They are noted for…

Za’atar Chicken

One of our market customers from last year had some fun with our Za’atar spice mix. Here’s a recipe from her for Za’atar Chicken. Enjoy!

Wake Up with Spearmint

This scrub will awaken your senses and get you going! It is an antidote for depression and is a beautiful treatment for skin because of its antiseptic and anti-pruritic qualities. It is an anti-inflammatory and can even help your cognitive functions, such as memory and alertness.

Sage Scrub

This scrub is a great clarifying agent. Sage has beautiful antiseptic properties but it is also credited for helping respiratory issues, muscle aches, enhancing mental clarity and even relieving depression. The botanical name comes from the Latin word “salvere,” meaning “to be saved.”

Calendula and Lavender Scrub

Just got done creating some new scrubs. This one has healing and calming qualities because it uses calendula infused into the oil and the fragrance of lavender. Epsom salt also adds calm to the experience.

Za’atar on Flatbread

One of our market customers shared his family’s tradition of serving Za’atar on flatbread. He said they would drizzle the flatbread with oil, top it with Za’atar and they would always add extra extra sesame seeds. He was happy to find a Za’atar blend in this area. Not all Za’atar blends use sumac. I have…