We Produce…

In addition to field produce we offer three other specialties — microgreens, edible flowers and dried herb mixes. See below for our comprehensive growing list.

True to our mission, we keep things simple. Our one microgreens mix is a combination of sunflowers and three different radishes. It offers snap and zest and is great on sandwiches, flatbreads, tacos and is an awesome garnish on soups and salads.

gem marigoldEdible Flowers
We grow our edible flowers for color and taste and find that chefs love to use them to brighten a plate as well as create an interesting mix in salad dressings.

herb jars

Dried Herb Mixes
Our herbs are harvested by hand after the dew has lifted and then gently air dried. No chemicals, no machines. Then, they are blended carefully to produce beautiful complements to creative cooking or to create natural bath and body products. We harvest limited quantities based on the season’s offerings. See what’s happening with our herbal products.

Growing List for 2019
This list below is not all-inclusive but is representative of what we grow. Not all of it is grown in quantities to sell. If you want something specific, just ask. Let’s talk! We also work with allied farmers to supply larger quantities of items such as asparagus, corn, tomatoes, and more.

Plant Purpose
Anise Hyssop tea
Anthemis flower
Apples (old farm) fruit
Aronia (Chokeberry) fruit
Arugula salad, greens
Asparagus veg
Basil herb
Basil, Corsican herb
Green Beans, various legume
Beans Scarlett Runners legume
Bachelors Buttons edible flower, salad
Bee Balm flower, bee
Beet, various veg, salad, greens
Blackberries fruit, bee
Blue Honeysuckle fruit
Blueberries fruit
Bok choy brassica
Borage edible flower, salad
Burdock medicinal
Calendula edible flower, salad
Carrot,various veg, root
Cattails forage
Chard salad, greens
Chinese Chestnuts nut
Chives alium
Comfrey herb, medicinal, fertilizer
Common Mallow herb, medicinal
Corn, Sweet grain
Cosmary herb
Curry herb
Currants, red, black, white fruit
Deer Tongue salad
Dill herb
Echinacea medicinal
Elaegnus Multiflora (Gumi) fruit
Elderberries fruit, medicinal
Fennel herb, spice, tea
Feverfew herb, medicinal
Forsythia herb, medicinal
Frisee salad
Garlic herb, medicinal
Garlic, Wild alium
Ginger, Wild medicinal
Gobo herb, medicinal
Goldenrod tea, medicinal
Good King Henry, Lincolnshire Asparagus salad, greens
Gooseberries fruit, bee
Hardy Kiwi fruit
Hawthorns fruit
Hazelnuts nut
Horseradish root, herb, spice
Jacob’s Ladder herb, medicinal
Joe-Pye Weed herb, medicinal
Kale, various salad, greens
Lambsquarters forage
Lavender herb
Lemon Balm herb
Lemon Grass herb, spice, tea
Lettuce, various salad
Lingonberries fruit
Lovage herb
Marigold, various edible flower, salad
Miner’s Lettuce salad
Mulberries fruit
Nanking Cherry fruit
Nasturiums, Jewell edible flower, salad
New Zealand Spinach herb, medicinal
Onions,  various alium
Oregano, various herb
Parsley, flat herb
Parsnip, Lancer root, veg
Pears (wild) fruit
Peppers, various hot and sweet veg, dry
Potato, various root, veg
Purslane (wild) forage
Quamash root
Radish, various root, veg
Ramps root, alium
Raspberries fruit
Red Runner Beans legume, edible flowers
Rosa Rugosa herb, tea
Rosemary herb
Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean legume, edible flowers
Sage, Garden herb, tea
Sea Buckthorns fruit, medicinal
Shagbark Hickory nut
Siberean Pea Shrub legume
Sneezeweed medicinal
Sorrel, French salad, greens
Sorrel, Wild tea
Spice Bush spice
Squash, various veg
Stinging Nettle forage
Sunchokes root
Sweet William edible flower, salad
Thyme herb
Tiger Lillies forage, edible flower
Tomatoes, Cherry, various fruit
Tomatoes, various Fruit
Valerian herb, medicinal
Violets and violas edible flower, salad
Walnut, Black nut
Walnut, English nut
White Yarrow herb, medicinal
Willow medicinal
Winter Savory herb, tea
Witch Hazel herb, medicinal
Wormwood herb, medicinal
Zucchini, various veg, dry

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